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Spider Solitaire: Tips and strategy for the most popular two-deck solitaire game!  (Mastering One Suit) by Sue Harrington

     Don’t be the last person in your school, college, Church Group, Book Club, etc. to learn how to play—and master Spider Solitaire!

     Spider Solitaire is so much fun and easy to learn whether you are 12 or 92!

     This book will make it easy-to-learn for you. There are actually three difficulty levels: 1 Suit, 2 Suits, and 4 Suits. Although there are strategy tips for 2 Suits and 4 Suits, 1 Suit is so popular that this book mostly about how to play—and master 1 Suit Spider Solitaire.

     Included are:

(1) Basic playing rules.

(2) Terminology s​o you can "talk the talk".

(3) Explanation of what the screen looks like so you quickly feel confident to play.

(4) Free online places to play Spider Solitaire.

(5) Strategy to increase your winning percentage.

     Within minutes yo​u will be playing! And, within a short amount of time you can be winning Spider Solitaire!

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Self-Publisher's Guide to Amazon 

Categories & Subcategories

by Sue Harrington

     If you have self published or would like to self publish, there is so much to learn and it can be quite overwhelming.

     Lack of knowledge can be costly in lost royalties. This reference book is written using simple-to-understand language. Just open up your laptop and the book and follow the exact instructions.

     Even if you have self published several books, you may have weak Categories and Subcategories. There's a whole chapter explaining how to fix weak Categories and Subcategories.

Bottom line: If potential buyers cannot find your book, they cannot purchase your book.

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How to play and win Forty Thieves Solitaire: 

Strategy & Tips  by Sue Harrington

Author of:  "Spider Solitaire: Tips and strategy for the most popular two-deck solitaire game! ( Mastering One Suit)"  

This book teaches everything you need to know about the fun two-deck Solitaire game called "Forty Thieves".  Apply the tips within this book to win often!  

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My Notebooks by Sue Harrington 

     This blank and unlined notebook can be used for any purpose: journaling, drawing, note taking; the ideas are endless! There is a cover page where you can write in your name. Then there are 100 pages (50 sheets) where you have a lot of white space to dream, draw, and make it happen! The only thing on each page is the heading which says: “My Notebook”.   


 Books sold exclusively on amazon.com.  In the search line just type:  my notebooks sue harrington and all of the notebooks will come up.  For Journals, please to up to the top of the page and click on Journals.   

Pyramid Solitaire Worksheets:  Helps you Optimize Your Playing by Sue Harrington

If you play Pyramid Solitaire, and you've read what the experts suggest to improve your playing, they suggest writing down the cards in the Pyramid so that you can make smart decisions and don't run out moves so you lose the game.      This book is exclusively sold on amazon.com.  These Pyramid Solitaire Worksheets give you the edge while playing. With just a quick glance, you will know what's available so that you don't get blocked in and lose the game.  In the search field, type in:  ISBN-13 : 979-8731441360.       

Forgotten Love by Sue-Anne

     Do you know any couples where dementia has shaken up their world? I know two lesbian couples who are journeying dementia together.

     Dementia doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care who you love, how much money you make, your race, or your profession. This is a love story--a unique love story. It's almost like getting two books for the price of one. In the first part of the book we learn about the funny way Rusty and Donna got together. New love. Family. Work. Adjusting to living together. You will smile and possibly laugh with Rusty's antics. You might relate more to Rusty or to Donna. When opposites attract, you never know what will happen.

     Part II of the book picks up when Rusty and Donna are thinking about retiring, traveling, and volunteering their time to help others. Their life hits a wall when one of them starts showing signs of dementia. This is a thought-provoking love story. If dementia hasn't touched your life, but you know other people who have had dementia touch your lives, this book will help you to be able to relate to them.

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