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(Over 114 ideas plus websites for over 300 more ideas.)

Are you bored? Restless? Lonely? Do you want to do SOMETHING? 

You don't have to wait until a rainy day, a blizzard, or a pandemic to enjoy these fun and productive ideas!

This is the Revised and Updated Homecation book.  Includes more ideas and also websites that has hundreds of additional ideas!  

In addition, there is a categories page with over 12 categories to pick from:  Child Adaptable, Crafts, Cultural, DIY, DIY Organization, Educational, Entertainment, Exercise, Field Trips, Food, Pampering, Self-Improvement, and Vacation.  Note:  Each idea could be included in more than one category.     Say you just need a little pampering today.  You just go to the Categories Page for over a dozen pampering ideas!  Simple to use!

Do you want to be productive as well as have fun and learn new things or go on a virtual field trip or vacation?  This book shares not only 114 things that you can do and/or learn to turn your Homecation into a meaningful adventure, but also websites which includes over 300 additional things to do.  Whether you are 5 or 95, there are dozens of ideas on what to do. Whether you are an adult, teen, or tween, or even a child, there are so many ideas on how to turn your Homecation into an adventure! What's great is that you don't have to wait for a rainy day, a blizzard, or a pandemic to have fun or be productive while at home!  If you have children, most of the ideas can can be meaningful to them too!  There's educational field trips for "kids of all ages" as well as virtual vacation destination trips. 

These ideas include:

*Virtual field trips

*Virtual vacations to some famous places as well as to some interesting places.  How many of us will travel to the Great Wall of China?  Well, you can take a virtual trip there, without the jet lag to visit it!

*Productive ideas. Ideas on how to be creative as projects get checked off of your list

*Fun activities whether you are 5 or 95

*Pampering ideas with easy-to-understand instructions

*Includes cultural events so you can watch musical productions or experience orchestras 

*Bird watchers, naturalists, animal lovers, music lovers, cultural lovers, those who do crafts, vacation lovers, the inquisitive; you all will enjoy several of the ideas. 

This is a well-rounded book of ideas for people of all tastes and age groups. 

Note:  I've published two Homecation books.  The other one is under the heading of "Coronavirus".  It lists less ideas and also information about the coronavirus.  If you are just looking for ideas, then you want this Revised and Edited Version.    

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Kindle link:  (Different cover but says "Revised and Edited".)