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Debbie Garrison

Debbie also has several other coloring books that your children might enjoy as both left-handed and right-handed coloring books.  (Debbie also has a good selection of adult coloring books.)  Click on coloring book page for more examples of Debbie's work.  Search ISBN numbers on amazon.com. 

"F" is for Friends is an adorable alphabet book that is a really fun way for children to learn their alphabet.   


     "F" is for Friends Right-handed coloring book amazon.com link:


     "F" is for Friends Left-handed coloring book: 


     "F" is for Friends Book form (non-coloring book): https://www.amazon.com/F-Friends-Alphabet-Book/dp/1536887617/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1495150518&sr=1-3&keywords=%22F%22+is+for+friends++debbie+garrison

     "F" is for Friends Kindle non-coloring book: https://www.amazon.com/F-Friends-Alphabet-Book-ebook/dp/B01LT8HFQI/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1493040793&sr=1-4&keywords=debbie+garrison++%22f%22+is+for

ZenHoliday has fun drawings to color in from several popular holidays. Fun coloring book for both adults and children.  Great way to teach children about different holidays! 


     ZenHoliday Right-handed coloring book: 



     ZenHoliday Left-handed coloring book: 


Tyler Sherlock

Tyler's coloring book, "Life Under the Sea" is my best-selling coloring book ever!  Tyler has drawn life-like fish and you will be amazed as his talent!   

     Life Under the Sea Right-Handed Coloring Book: 


     Life Under the Sea Left-Handed Coloring Book: 


Tina Chambers Smith

Tina is a multi-book Author. See more of her books under the Christian Book's Page.  

Stories from the Book of Daniel will delight children and adults alike! Twelve stories from the Book of Daniel come alive with Tina's storytelling. Relevant for children, teens, and adults. 

Chapter 1: Daniel and His Friends Eat Vegetables. 

Chapter 2: Daniel and His Friends Serve the King. 

Chapter 3: The King has a Bad Dream. 

Chapter 4: Daniel Interprets the King’s Dream. 

Chapter 5: The Statue of Gold. 

Chapter 6: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. 

Chapter 7: King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree. 

Chapter 8: The Writing on the Wall.

Chapter 9: Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Chapter 10: God Rescues Daniel from the Mouths of Lions. 

Chapter 11: God Continues to Use Daniel’s Gifts.


Chapter 12: The Example of Daniel’s Life.  Art work by James Lankford.  

     Stories from the Book of Daniel Regular print: 



     Stories from the Book of Daniel Large print: 



     Stories from the Book of Daniel Kindle:


"Favorite Bible Stories" and "Children's Devotionals". These are the same books; different covers. Search ISBN number at amazon.com.  Tina takes some of our favorite Bible stories and writes them for children so that they can understand the principles. Highly-recommended book for home use, daycare, or Sunday School classes.  

     "Favorite Bible Stories" or "Children's Devotionals" Book Form (Non Coloring Book): 


     "Favorite Bible Stories" or "Children's Devotionals" Right-Handed Coloring Book: 


     "Favorite Bible Stories" or "Children's Devotionals" Left-Handed Coloring Book: 


     "Favorite Bible Stories" or "Children's Devotionals" Kindle Edition of the Book:


Tabitha Morrison & Grandma Fran

Tabitha and Grandma Fran have written two adorable dragon children's book's together, "Daniel Red Dragon" and "The Adventures of Danny and His Friends". 


Daniel Red Dragon.  This is a cute story about Daniel Red Dragon and the people and animals he meets along the way. Come, join the adventures of Daniel Red Dragon, Cardinal Bird, Green Dragon, and Tabby.  This is their first book that they published together.   


     Daniel Red Dragon Book Form: 



     Daniel Red Dragon Kindle:


The Adventures of Danny and His Friends.  Join Daniel Red Dragon, Green Dragon and their family and friends on several cute adventures! Clean language will delight both parents and children alike! Recommended book for 3 to 8 year olds.  Even though this is their second book published, you can read the books in any order.  

     The Adventures of Danny and His Friends Book Form: 


     The Adventures of Danny and His Friends Kindle:


Joyce Dotson

Joyce has published "The Trees" in which young children just might delight in the personalities of the different types of happy trees.  

     The Trees Book Form: 


     The Trees Kindle: