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Advent Devotions for Moms

by Tina Chambers Smith

What is Advent? Advent is the preparing of yourself for the coming of Jesus. Both His first coming and His second coming. This book is designed to prepare our heart for both. In this devotional, you will be encouraged to dig deeper in your relationship with Jesus. Each day has something for you to ponder and something for you to pray. Come along on this twenty-eight-day devotional that will prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus.

This book is sold exclusively on amazon.com in book form and on Kindle.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMYDRZQ6/ref=sr_1_1?crid=I7EVQ9A3WPQT&keywords=tina+chambers+smith+advent&qid=1668954569&s=books&sprefix=tina+chambers+smith+advent%2Cstripbooks%2C76&sr=1-1

Praise for the Christ Child at Christmas:

Meaningful morning and evening devotionals with personal reflections

by Mary Williamson

Sometimes we get caught up in the craziness of the holidays that we forget the real meaning of Christmas; Christ's miraculous birth. I welcome you to take a deep breath for meaningful, but short, morning and evening Advent devotionals with reflections. Mary's first book, "God is Calling You!" is exclusively sold on amazon.com and Kindle.

amazon.com link for book form and Kindle:


30 Days of Deliverance Devotional

by Sara Huneycutt

"This amazing 30 Days of Deliverance Devotional will change your life forever. Sara has strategically listened to the voice of God and penned the words from God that’s needed for your heart. Get ready for the best 30 days of your life." Real Talk Kim (Kimberly Jones has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Your World with Creflo Dollar, and ABC's Nightline.) Sara Huneycutt's 30 Day Deliverance Devotional will meet you right where you are on your journey with God. As you read this devotional, God will speak to you to bring forth divine healing and deliverance. Each devotional was crafted through much prayer and Bible study. Sara's first book, "In Surrender I Soar: Poems & Prose of God, Grace, & Gratitude" has all 5-Star ratings on amazon.com.

Amazon Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/30-Days-Deliverance-Devotional-Healing/dp/B09CBD1TFL/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1629560396&sr=8-4

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Jo-Ann Pouliot

My Prayer Journal (How to enrich and add meaning to your prayer life with this Prayer Journal!): Prayer With Purpose and Promise. This might be the only Prayer Journal that you'll ever need! Jo-Ann, author and speaker, believes that everybody can and should have an active and rewarding prayer life. Jo-Ann shares with you different types of prayer followed with journal pages.   


     My Prayer Journal


Tina Chambers Smith

Tina has published several Christian book which can enrich the lives of adults and children alike!  Parents and grandparents can rest assured that if they purchase Tina's children's books, that they will teach Biblical truth at a level that children can relate to!  Tina is a really gifted writer who is able to make the Bible understandable to us all--and she shows that the teachings of the Bible aren't just for "back then".

Victory Through Obedience.  This book about the Book of Daniel is excellent for self study, small-group studies as well as adult and teen Bible-study classes. Daniel was an ordinary man who was used by God to make a big difference in the Kingdom. He trained to serve the King with his friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. As they serve the King, they experience many obstacles which require them to make a choice to follow God or to follow the King. "Victory Through Obedience" is an eight-week journey with Daniel and his friends as they make choices to follow God no matter what the cost. Walk with them as they were able to make choices to obey God no matter the consequences and live in victory over the obstacles they faced. Each week's study then offers personal application into the Biblical truths faced during their walk through these obstacles.  This book is written in   easy-to-understand language so that everybody can understand the truths in the Book of Daniel. Highly recommended book for either self study or group study.   

     Victory Through Obedience Book form:


     Victory Through Obedience Kindle Edition:  


Twenty-Eight Meaningful Ways to Love Others:  With the Love God Has for Us.    This book is most appropriate for young mothers, but men and women of all ages can benefit from applying the 28 ways we can be a blessing to others. Each suggestion has a Bible Verse. Sometimes we all just need a nudge. These ways to bless others just might bless us as much--or more than they bless others! This is also a way for parents and/or grandparents to teach children how they, too, at any age can be a blessing to others.  A church group actually purchased several copies of this book and used some of the ideas for local-community mission projects.   

     Twenty-Eight Meaningful Ways to Love Others Book Edition:  


     Twenty-Eight Meaningful Ways to Love Others Large Print Edition:  



Thirty Meaningful Ways to Sacrificially Bless Others for Easter (Things you can do for others at Easter and all year long!): With the Life You Have in Christ.   Do you want to make the Easter season have more meaning for you? Yes! Of course! Well, this little book is packed with ideas on things you can do during the Easter season--and all year long. It includes things that you can do and on the opposite page includes a Bible Verse. Even though several of the ideas are Easter themed, there are many ideas that can be done all year long! Great for individuals, church groups, scouts, etc. Because as those who have helped others know, that we often are blessed more when we bless others!   


     Thirty Meaningful Ways to Sacrificially Bless Others for Easter Book form: 



     Thirty Meaningful Ways to Sacrificially Bless Others for Easter Kindle Edition:  


Stories from the Book of Daniel will delight children and adults alike! Twelve stories from the Book of Daniel come alive with Tina's storytelling. Relevant for children, teens, and adults. 

Chapter 1: Daniel and His Friends Eat Vegetables. 

Chapter 2: Daniel and His Friends Serve the King. 

Chapter 3: The King has a Bad Dream. 

Chapter 4: Daniel Interprets the King’s Dream. 

Chapter 5: The Statue of Gold. 

Chapter 6: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. 

Chapter 7: King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree. 

Chapter 8: The Writing on the Wall. 

Chapter 9: Daniel in the Lion’s Den. 

Chapter 10: God Rescues Daniel from the Mouths of Lions. 

Chapter 11: God Continues to Use Daniel’s Gifts. 

Chapter 12: The Example of Daniel’s Life. Art work by James Lankford.  


     Stories from the Book of Daniel Regular print: 



     Stories from the Book of Daniel Large print: 



     Stories from the Book of Daniel Kindle:


"Favorite Bible Stories" and "Children's Devotionals". These are the same books; different covers. Tina takes some of our favorite Bible stories and writes them for children so that they can understand the principles.    Highly-recommended book for home use, daycare, or Sunday School classes.


     "Favorite Bible Stories" and "Children's Devotionals" Book Form: 


    "Favorite Bible Stories" and "Children's Devotionals" Right-Handed Coloring Book: 


     "Favorite Bible Stories" and "Children's Devotionals" Left-Handed Coloring Book:



     "Favorite Bible Stories" and "Children's Devotionals" Kindle Edition:


Susan L. Harrington

"A Glimpse of Heaven" is for people who want to know what dying is like and this book might be able to provide you comfort and hope to the dying and grieving. At the end of the book there is a Biblical Reference Guide, with Biblical scripture verses. This near-death tale discusses:   

Will I be reunited with loved ones in Heaven? 

What happens if somebody was married more than once? 

How do I remember those that don't go to Heaven? 

Are their pets in Heaven? 

What happens at the moment of death? 

What happens to people between death and Judgment Day? 

Can we pray directly to God? 

Sometimes I feel like God doesn't hear my prayers. Is that true? 

Are we judged by what others do to us? 

If I do good deeds on Earth and are praised for it, does it forfeit my Heavenly blessings? 

Is "the light" real? 

Has anybody in the Bible gotten a glimpse of Heaven?   

     A Glimpse of Heaven Book:  


     A Glimpse of Heaven Large Print Edition:  


     A Glimpse of Heaven Kindle Edition:  


An Inmate Visits Heaven:

Even YOU can go to Heaven   

 "An Inmate Visits Heaven" immediately grabs your attention and lures you in. Editor Ann Blackbourn was hooked and read it in one sitting. A car thief is caught and goes to prison. A riot irrupts and the inmate is attacked, blacks out, and finds himself in Heaven. What happens might just surprise you. Everybody has a past. There’s a Biblical reference guide in the back of the book to prove that even YOU can go to Heaven and shows you how you can go to Heaven. Also included are small-group study questions. This book is great for prison ministry, small-group studies, and individual reading enjoyment. This book is priced extremely low so that more people can purchase it for themselves and others. This book just might change your life and your eternal life!  Front cover by Artist James Lankford.  


     An Inmate Visits Heaven Book Edition:  


     An Inmate Visits Heaven Large Print Edition:  



     An Inmate Visits Heaven Kindle Edition:  


Mary B. Williamson

 ​"God is Calling You!"   Do you ever feel like you are “just ordinary”--that God would never use you? This book looks at the lives of ordinary people whose meetings with Jesus shared a common experience--a brief but life-changing encounter with Jesus. Jesus reached out to each individual and caused a change so dramatic that their lives were never the same. Today we still hunger for that personal experience. We long for unquestionable and complete love. It is that need that draws us toward “strange gods”, towards crystals or fortune tellers, towards alcohol or drugs, even towards unhealthy relationships. This longing is a basic part of our humanity and only God can fulfill need. People need to know that God is there for them, not in the abstract but in reality. His desire is to have a personal relationship with everyone. In every Biblically recorded encounter between God and us, God approached the individual on their own turf and the encounter was always initiated by God, to the surprise of the individual. The setting was always in the person’s familiar surroundings and “out of the blue.” This was also the way Jesus came into people’s lives. Once Jesus touches our heart, our lives are forever changed and new directions become a necessity.  Search ISBN number on amazon.com or click on link.

  God is calling You! Regular Print.  ISBN-13: 978-1546955320


  God is calling You! Large Print.    https://www.amazon.com/calling-Large-Print-think-ordinary/dp/1548178101/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1511116566&sr=1-1&keywords=god+is+calling+you+susan+l+harrington

 God is calling You!  Kindle Edition:


Life's Little Hiccups 

by Susan L. Harrington (Editor)

Within these pages, you will read about how several different women of faith, dealt with: 

*Unanswered prayer 

*Crushing shame and guilt 

*A missing child *Death of a child 

*Death of a spouse and other loved ones 

*Relationship stress 

*Autistic child 

*Holiday mishaps  

Have you ever been going along in life and all of a sudden your life has a hiccup? It's some unexpected event that throws your life off kilter. It could be something as "simple" as holiday mishaps to an accident, sickness, marital problems, abortion, or some other event. In this book, women of faith share a few of their life's hiccups and how they dealt with it.

Amazon.com link:  


In Surrender I Soar

by Sar​a Huneycutt

Life is hectic. There never seems to be enough time; especially for self improvement or self enrichment. What if you spent only a minute or two for self enrichment every day. That's doable, right? Sara Huneycutt has just released her new book, "In Surrender I Soar". If you just read one poem and then asked yourself how it could enrich your life, it would take you over 3 months to read the entire book. In this time, you would be enriching your life! Her book is on amazon.com.

amazon.com link: https://www.amazon.com/Surrender-Soar-Poems-Prose-Gratitude/dp/1695679768/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=in+surrender+i+soar&qid=1574729446&s=books&sr=1-1