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If you've always wanted to publish a book--or need a book published; but don't have the time to do so, then you can hire me as your Ghostwriter/Publisher to write the book for you.  As a research writer, I'm able to take complex ideas and turn them into easy-to-understand language.  (Check out "Broken Brain:..." under "Alzheimer's/Dementia" Section.)  Your name is on the book; I just write the book, edit the book, and publish the book.  It's a total package for you!  Great for Pastors, Educators, Realtors, and others.  Other Ghostwriters may write the book for you, but then you'd have to find and pay an editor plus find somebody to publish the book for you.  I offer you a package deal which saves you time and money--and stress.     

Sue Harrington

Publisher, Author, Speaker