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Guinness World Record Attempt!

Need your help!  I've applied to Guinness World Records to collect 1 million used lottery tickets which also includes scratch-off tickets.  If I try to do it by myself, I'll be 90 by the time I accomplish this goal.  But with your help, it's possible to do much, much sooner.

Both businesses and individuals can help out.  Did you know that you can do more than just collect tickets for me?  I'm grateful for any and all help you can give me to accomplish this seemingly impossible goal.  

At the end is a status update on what's been happening.

For those businesses and individuals who wish national exposure for assisting me with this project, you'll receive publicity--unless you request to remain anonymous. 


In late August or early September, I'm going to try to get national exposure to give business and individuals the opportunity to get their businesses listed in this website.  An amazing 33% of all of the hits on this website is to this link about the

 "1 Million Lottery Tickets."  

Publicity so far:

1.  Television Interview:  WLOS television station out of Asheville, NC (John Le was the interviewer and Matthew Yates was the photographer.) 

2.  Radio Interview:  Somehow a Davenport, IA radio show heard about my attempt:  Dwyer and Michaels Morning Radio Show (97X) out of Quad Cities in Davenport, IA!  

3.  Tickets:  I now have tickets from NC, SC, & Texas.  The tickets can be from any country too.

4.  Age of Tickets:  The lottery tickets can be old; age doesn't matter.  The oldest ticket I currently have is 2012. 


***Would you like to help?  There are many ways!***  

1.  Collection Points Needed:  I need businesses to set up collection boxes for the tickets.  Your business name, address, website, and telephone number can be posted on this website so people know where to drop of their tickets.

Thank you to the following two businesses where you can drop off tickets.  Be sure to thank the businesses for taking part in this project!

Hendersonville, NC:  Mr. Petes Market (Citgo) at

 2650 Chimney Rock Road

If you want to drop off tickets there, put them in ANY envelope and write on the envelope:  Please give to Sue the Lottery Lady.  Then Email me so I'll be sure to ask about it the next time I'm in their store.   

Arden, NC:  Market Center Express (Porsha is the Manager), 3715 Sweeten Creek Road

If you want to drop off tickets there, put them in ANY envelope and write on the envelope: Please give to Sue the Lottery Lady. Then Email me so I'll be sure to ask about it the next time I'm in their store.  


Note to businesses who sell lottery tickets:  

Once the tickets are validated and paid out, they are worthless; meaning they cannot be turned in again for payment.  That means that they can be donated and I can still use them as part of my count.  


3.  Individual Collections:  Often individuals have a stack of losing tickets at their home, in their glove compartment, or in a drawer at work.  One woman gave me over 200 tickets that she had stashed in her home.    Remember, the date on the ticket/scratch-off does not matter.  Also, tickets can be from any state--or country.    


4.  Storage Area needed to hold the boxes of tickets until they are validated.  Need an area at least 6 x 6 feet plus room for the door to open.  It can be either a storage unit or a storage building/room in the Hendersonville, Flat Rock, or South Asheville, NC area.   So, you have the option of either donating just the area to store the tickets and/or the area and the storage unit.  Your business name, address, website, and telephone number can be posted on this website.

5.  T-Shirts and/or magnetic banner for my vehicle:  Need to have t-shirts designed and printed.  Also need a magnetic banner that can be attached to my vehicle.  If you wish to donate the designed, printed t-shirts and/or the magnetic banner, your business name, address, website, and telephone number will be posted on this website.   You receive publicity on this website for the entire time I'm collecting 1 million tickets.  

6.  If you are a business that sells office supplies, I will go through over 10,000 rubber bands.  (To count the tickets, it's easier to take a rubber band off of them than wrestle with trying to get staples out.)


6.  In need of cell phone service donated by a business or individual.  For example, if an individual has a telephone family plan and they haven't used all of the lines, you could donate one of the lines.  You can have information on this website or remain anonymous.  

Why am I doing this?   Several reasons:

1.  I was scrolling through Guinness World Records looking for something non-sports related that I could try to do.  There were several categories about lottery, but none for collecting tickets.

  So, I applied to them to add a new category and the rest is history!

2.  People are basically good and like to help out others when they can.  This just gives others opportunities to do something good--to make a difference even if it's just a few tickets. 


Thank you for all those individuals and businesses who want to help with this goal!  

If you would like to contact me, please Email [email protected]  (I'm the only one who reads the Emails.  It can be just for general questions, for interviews, and/or if you have something to donate to help make this challenge become reality!) 

Update 7/31:  With two gas stations and individuals starting to help me with this goal, I'm over 5,000 tickets in a short time.  I expect the numbers to start to increase a lot quicker.

Remember:  If you want to be listed on this website before I obtain national publicity, please contact me sooner or later with how you can help out.  Please Email me at:  

[email protected]


Sue Harrington