Where you don't need an agent to be published...​

Where you don't need an agent to be published...

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How to be published

Do you want to see your book published?  

Is it a life goal to be a published author or artist?  

If you have that drive to have a book published, please keep reading.  

I got into the publishing business by accident...  Some friends went to a Vanity Publisher and got taken advantage of.  (NEVER go through a Vanity Publisher!)  One of my pet peeves is when anybody is cheated.  This really, really irritated me so I started my own Publishing Company.

Action speaks louder than words.  Both Debbie Garrison and Tina Chambers Smith have published several books, each, with me.  Jo-Ann Pouliot and John W. Noyes both tried to self publish and came to me to "fix their books" and to publish publish them.  They are smart; they do what they do best, which is to write, and I do their publishing.  Several of my authors have come as referrals from my authors and artists under book contract with me.     

Some of my publishing policies:

Policy #1:  No agents.  Unless you have an agent, it's virtually impossible to obtain an agent.  So, to help authors and artists out, I only take individuals who do not have an agent.  

Policy #2:  No advances.  New authors don't realize that advances may not be in their best interest.  

Policy #3:  Quicker manuscript-to-published book.  In most cases, once you have approved the final edit of your book and cover, your book will be published within a week.

Policy #4:  Policy change.  Since I do not require you to have an agent, I don't have the agents to filter out the people who really want to be published from those that think it would be nice to be published.  I've had a few people, under book contract, who did not follow through which means that all of those hours working and mentoring the new author/artist are gone forever.  As a result, to ensure that I only receive people who are serious in becoming a published author or artist, I've had to implement a policy change. For all of those people who receive an approved book contract from me, when you mail the book publishing contract back to me; meaning that your work has been accepted for publication, you will also mail a one-time non-refundable check for $199 to me. This way, if you don't follow through with your contract, I am partially compensated for my lost time.   Note:   You only pay the one-time fee with an approved contract; meaning your book will be published or your fee will be 100% refunded.  If you are serious about being published, without an agent, then this small token fee is not a deal breaker.  


Additional Information to help to get your manuscript or self-published book published: 

1.  Interested in both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

2.  Fiction: romance (light, inspirational, alternative), mysteries (light), suspense (amateur sleuth), short plays for churches or youth organizations.   

Fiction Tips: Our readers want to escape for a few hours and when they finish the book, they want to feel good. Our readers should immediately identify with characters in the story and they just can’t put the book down. Interested in well-written timely fiction with strong sales potential. Writing should be high quality, with a well-organized plot and strong characters. Manuscript should be edited; manuscripts full of excessive spelling errors may be rejected. Pay particular attention to plotting, strong characters, and dramatic, realistic, and positive conclusions. Your story must be original and believable.

Additional Tips for what I accept in fiction: No smoking or promoting drunkenness or illegal drug use or vulgar language. No occult, racist, sexist, witchcraft, demonic, paranormal, atheism, horror, or astrology. 

3.  Nonfiction: Topics include parenting, gardening, seasonal, country living/preppers, women’s issues, alternative, devotionals, money/saving money, ethnic,  gay/lesbian, travel, regional, how-to/DIY, relationships, health/fitness, quirky, real estate, home schooling, Christian/spiritual growth, death/dying, crafts, entrepreneurship/home-based businesses/career/leadership, safety, senior/retirement, puzzles and games. No: occult, racist, sexist manuscripts.  Very interested in expanding into home-schooling.  

Nonfiction Tips:  Manuscripts should be proofread. Information should be well written, timely, and accurate with strong sales potential. Should be written in practical, nontechnical style. High quality writing and originality of ideas. Should address significant topics in a fresh way.

Additional Guidance

If your theme is not mentioned above, then Email details for consideration. Only electronic files will be accepted. Do not send entire manuscript with first Email.  If your manuscript is approved, you will sign a legal book contract to sign.

If you are only interested in leaving a living legacy to your family and friends--the story of your life, then I can publish your life story for you.  There would be a prepaid fee for this service, however, this special contract would be suited for your needs.  Author copies would still be available to you wholesale.  

If you would like more information or want to have your book considered for a possible book contract, please copy/paste information, below, and return to [email protected]

Copy/paste the following information if you have a manuscript you wish to have considered for publication.



Manuscript completed? If no, what percentage is completed?

Type of manuscript (fiction/nonfiction) and theme:

Explain how you will help to promote your published book (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.):

Explain why there is a need for your book and how it differs from other books on the market:

I guarantee to publish you, worldwide, on amazon.com. For books that are not coloring books or journals, I also will publish your manuscript on Kindle. You receive royalties on books purchased, worldwide, on both amazon.com and Kindle.  I'm currently working on having books published with Barnes and Noble.  

Disclosure: I make no guarantees on how many books you will sell or how much royalties you will make; it depends on the buying public. I just offer you the opportunity to become published without an agent.

There is nothing like the joy of holding a copy of your published book in your hands. It is such a feeling of happiness to finally realizing your dream of becoming published a reality!

This is what I offer you:

-ISBN number: included

-Editing: included

-Book preparation: included

-Front/back cover: included (If you want more than the standard cover or you wish extra illustrations inside of your book which requires that I contract with one of my artists, there is a slight fee.  These extra services are optional and you will know, up front--before you sign your book contract.)

-Publishing your book: included

-Option to purchase as few or as many of your published books wholesale.  Purchasing copies of your book is optional.  Other publishers may have you purchase author copies retail or they may require you to purchase hundreds of books.  As your publisher, you only purchase books if you want to--and you can purchase as few as no to one book.  All author copy books are purchased below retail.

-Marketing:  Some marketing included.

A high percentage of my artists and authors who are under contract are multi-published with me. Both Artist Debbie Garrison and Author Tina Chambers Smith have both published over five books, each, with me. 

You receive many perks with me to include mentoring which is generally worth way more than the token fee.  I pay above industry standards in royalties and publish much quicker than the large publishing houses do.


I welcome you to Email me at [email protected] with any questions that you might have.   I'm only interested in writers who really want to see their manuscripts published.  

Sue Harrington

Publisher, Speaker, Multi-Book Author