Where you don't need an agent to be published.​..

Where you don't need an agent to be published...

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Manuscripts Wanted

​Do you have a manuscript that you'd like to see published?  Or have you self-published one or more books?  If so, the Publisher is currently looking for one or two writers or artists to publish their works.   If you are awarded a book contract with me, once you approve the final editing, your book will be published within days and not months like the the large publishing companies do.  To help you get your writing break, I only take writers who do not have an Agent.  You receive extensive mentoring; especially with your first book.   

If you are currently not published or you are self-published, feel free to contact me at:  [email protected]   

A perk for those self-published.   If you are self-published, you still get to keep your self-published books earning royalties.  I just offer you the chance for much greater exposure of your books.