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All of the books highlighted in this website can be purchased on Kindle (if not journals or coloring books) and as books exclusively on amazon.com.  To read more about a book, please click on the book category you wish to view and immediately scroll down the page to read more about the book that interests you.  Take a moment to click on "Recently Published Books" to the right of "Home". This heading will be at the top of each page.   

Manuscripts Wanted

For those of you who have never published before, there is nothing like the pride of accomplishment to hold your first book in your hands for the first time.​

Do you have a manuscript that you'd like to see published?  Or have you self-published one or more books and aren't happy with your sales?  If so, the Publisher might be able to help you achieve you dreams or help to market your book in such a way to increase your sales/royalties.  Self-published authors still can keep their books self-published; this is just another potential income-generating avenue for you.   

The Publisher, Sue Harrington, is currently accepting up to three new writers or artists to publish their works for 2021.  No agents required in order to sign a publishing contract with the Publisher.  

Your book will be published on amazon.com and Kindle.  Note:  Journals, coloring books, workbooks, and other similar type of books will only be published on Amazon.  The Publisher has just gotten approved to sell books on Barnes & Noble.  

If you are currently not published or you are self-published, feel free to contact me at:  [email protected]