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There is nothing like the feeling of pride and happiness when you hold your first published book in your hands.‚Äč

Do you have a manuscript that you'd like to see published?  Or have you self-published one or more books and aren't happy with your sales?  If so, I might be able to help you achieve you dreams of being published--or I might be able to help you market your book in such a way to increase your sales/royalties.  

I am currently accepting manuscripts from unpublished and self-published writers.  You do not need an agent.  (Do not send me your manuscript; send an inquiry Email to:  [email protected])  

Once you have a signed book contract with me, I will publish your book on amazon.com and Kindle.  Certain books, such as journals, coloring books, workbooks, and other similar type of books aren't Kindle friendly and will only be published on Amazon.   

If you currently are either not published or you are self-published, feel free to contact me at:  [email protected]   

Sue Harrington

Publisher, Author, Speaker