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Books Published in 2018 & 2019

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Family and Friends Guide to Dealing with Their Hoarder  

by Hoarder Susan L. Harrington

Hoarding book for family and friends of a hoarder. The way you talk to and treat your loved one or friend, who just happens to be a hoarder, can send them into a hoarding-buying frenzy. This book is actually written by a hoarder to help you help your loved one in a way that respects your loved one and the things that you hoard. You do not have to understand your hoarder in order to help them. Available in regular print, large print, and Kindle with links below. If you are a family member or a friend of a hoarder or you are a hoarder that needs to send this book to your loved ones and/or friends, this book is for you. ***Note: Book for the actual hoarder is below this section.***

Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder

Regular Print Book Edition:


Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder

Large-Print Book Edition:


Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder

Kindle Edition


Hoarders: I am One!

(Take back control of your life.)

Written by Hoarder Susan L. Harrington

I am a hoarder. Been that way for decades. So, you can’t BS me. I know what it feels like when others nag me. Shame me. Are judgmental of me. I’m more than just a hoarder; that’s just one small part of me. Just like having blue eyes is only one part of me that makes me who I am. And being a hoarder is just one part of what makes you who you are.

I got sick of the way others treated me because I’m a hoarder. So I published, first, a book called: “Hoarders Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Your Hoarder”. If you haven’t bought it for your family or friends, yet, go onto amazon.com or Kindle and buy it for them. It could change your life—and their lives too!

***Note: If you are not a hoarder, this book is NOT for you. If you read this book, which is not for you, and talk to your hoarder like I do, you could alienate them further and send them into a hoarding-buying frenzy.*** I am talking to them as a fellow hoarder and am NOT disrespecting them or the items that they hoard.

So I wrote this book--for us hoarders. If you’ll allow me, I’ll try to be your coach. I’ll try to be your mentor. Together we can try to help you take back your life by fighting this force against you called hoarding.

Regular Print Book:


Large-Print Book:




A Mother's Personal Walk Through Grief

(Dealing with grief in the death of a child.)

by Jo-Ann Pouliot

If you have had a child die or know of somebody that has a child die, then this book may help you in your/their grieving. Jo-Ann had not one child die, but two children die decades apart.

Jo-Ann shares her journey with you. She also shares how you can honor the life of your child--no matter how brief their life may have been. There are also resources listed which may help you in your journey.

When this happens to somebody we care for, we are at a loss of words on what to do. Sometimes we just don't do anything. The grieving mother and father need us to let them cry and talk about their son or daughter--especially 3-6 months after the event happened that took their child's life.

Large print edition will be published at a later date.

Regular Book Print Edition:


Large-Print Book Edition:  Will be published later in 2018.  If you wish to be notified when it is published, please Email:  storiesforpublication.com. 

Kindle Edition:


Too Blessed to Be Stressed!  

(Coloring Book by Debbie Garrison)

Too Blessed to Be Stressed! This is Debbie's 7th coloring book! Over 30 drawings for you to color. Also with two extra bonus drawings at the end of the book!

Too Blessed to Be Stressed! Right Handed Coloring Book:


Too Blessed to Be Stressed Left Handed Coloring Book:


Unscramble the Words

(Over 50 Cat and Dog Themed Unscrambles)

Do you love cats and dogs?

Want to show appreciation to your Vet?

Know somebody in vet training?

Love word unscrambles?

Want to help support an animal shelter that goes way beyond to help make animals adoptable?

Publisher Sue Harrington has teamed up with Charlies Angels Animal Rescue (CAAR) to publish a fundraising book for them. The games are fun, with extra bonus games. There are 25 cat-themed unscrambles and 26  dog-themed unscrambles. There is also a cat-themed word search bonus game as well as a dog-themed word search bonus game.

This book is available on amazon.com. The book link is:


Life's Little Hiccups by Susan L. Harrington (Editor)

Within these pages, you will read about how women of faith, dealt with: *Unanswered prayer *Crushing shame and guilt *A missing child *Death of a child *Death of a spouse and other loved ones *Relationship stress *Autistic child *Holiday mishaps Have you ever been going along in life and all of a sudden your life has a hiccup? It's some unexpected event that throws your life off kilter. It could be something as "simple" as holiday mishaps to an accident, sickness, marital problems, abortion, or some other event. In this book, women of faith share a few of their life's hiccups and how they dealt with it.

Amazon.com link:


Kindle link: Soon to be published as a Kindle book. Try clicking on the above link.

Set Free! My Journey of Healing After Abortion

by Tina Chambers Smith

I don't think any of us set out to have an abortion because we know it's the right thing to do. There is nothing natural in a woman that is genuinely okay with getting pregnant and then making the choice to end the pregnancy. We were created to be life givers. We believe the lies we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves we aren't carrying a real baby. We tell ourselves it is just a blob of cells. We tell ourselves the timing is all wrong. We tell ourselves having an abortion won't affect us after all is said and done. We tell ourselves we can go on with life as if this never happened. What lies have you bought--hook, line and sinker? The truth is, we were carrying a real baby. It wasn't a blob of cells. The timing may have been wrong, but God's timing never is. The abortion will live with you the rest of your life. You can never go on as if this never happened. In the pages of this book, I am sharing with you the pathway I took to healing after my abortion in hopes you'll walk down that path with me. The healing process won't be easy and will be downright gut wrenching at times. Navigating through healing isn’t for the faint of heart. Don't be afraid of the pain. It is in the pain we find true and lasting healing for our souls. Don't be afraid of the buckets of tears; they will wash you clean. And please, don't walk this road by yourself. You don't need to. There are many of us who have walked in your shoes. The book was almost titled: “How God Healed Me; My Journey Through the Healing Process After Abortion”. There is nothing easy about the healing process after having an abortion. The emotions are real and the feelings are strong. As you walk through this healing process, let me encourage you to seek out your local crises pregnancy center. There are women there, many of whom have walked in your shoes, who are waiting to embrace you and walk alongside you as you heal. If you prefer to talk to someone anonymously online, pregnant.lifeline.org has trained counselors waiting to talk with you either by phone or via online chat. Note from Tina's Publisher: This is a painful healing process. You will shed tears. This book is the result of the positive feedback from others after Tina published her personal story called: "The Truth About Abortion No One Tells You" (This book includes Tina's true testimony and some resources available to you. It's NOT over when it's over...)" This book, "Set Free! My Journey of Healing After Abortion" guides you through how Tina got through the process of healing and grieving years later after she had had her abortion. She is publishing this book to hopefully help others through this process.

Amazon.com  and Kindle link:


In Surrender I Soar

by Sara Huneycutt

Life is hectic. There never seems to be enough time; especially for self improvement or self enrichment. What if you spent only a minute or two for self enrichment every day. That's doable, right? Sara Huneycutt has just released her new book, "In Surrender I Soar". If you just read one poem and then asked yourself how it could enrich your life, it would take you over 3 months to read the entire book. In this time, you would be enriching your life! Her book is on amazon.com.

amazon.com link:  https://www.amazon.com/Surrender-Soar-Poems-Prose-Gratitude/dp/1695679768/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=in+surrender+i+soar&qid=1574729446&s=books&sr=1-1