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Books Published in 2020 & 2019

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Holiday Treasures: A Coloring Book Celebrating Holidays & Seasons 

 Holiday Treasures is a feel-good coloring book as you celebrate holidays and seasons as you relax to color. Includes 35 themed drawings with every other page blank so whatever you use to color with (colored pencils, paints, etc.), it won't leak through. Includes several drawings, each, for the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Includes several drawings for the following holidays which are listed, here, in alphabetical order: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Thanksgiving. What you'll enjoy about Debbie's drawings is that they can usually be completed in one sitting. Her whimsical style is enjoyed by older children, teenagers, adults, and even seniors! Coloring has been used, successfully, to help those with ADHD. It helps them focus and concentrate. You don't need an excuse to celebrate any season or holiday any month of the year!


In Surrender I Soar

by Sara Huneycutt

Life is hectic. There never seems to be enough time; especially for self improvement or self enrichment. What if you spent only a minute or two for self enrichment every day. That's doable, right? Sara Huneycutt has just released her new book, "In Surrender I Soar". If you just read one poem and then asked yourself how it could enrich your life, it would take you over 3 months to read the entire book. In this time, you would be enriching your life! Her book is on amazon.com.

amazon.com link:  https://www.amazon.com/Surrender-Soar-Poems-Prose-Gratitude/dp/1695679768/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=in+surrender+i+soar&qid=1574729446&s=books&sr=1-1

  "Those Deep Below"

John W. Noyes

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Fast moving, page-turner sci-fi thriller! Twists and turns of the story will keep you wondering what will happen next! A terrifying adventure in a world based on the Inca Empire. Rezi was a relatively unimportant member of the King's household until her unique talent for singing was discovered and she was made a personal attendant to the King. As her friendship with the King grows, rumors begin to circulate comparing her to legendary Nightingale for her ability to soothe the King's troubled heart through song. Not everyone is pleased by the comparison, especially the King's wife, Queen Qhush'qunca.The Queen is a ruthless and sadistic person who jealously guards her status as the first wife to the King. Threatened by Rezi's friendship to her husband, Qhush'qunca decides to take revenge on the girl. However, when the King unexpectedly dies, both Rezi and the Queen are buried alive with the rest of the household in the dead King's massive tomb. Trapped together underground, Qhush'quenca takes her revenge by repeatedly torturing Rezi and binding them together through an arcane ritual. Desperate to escape both the Queen's wrath and the Tomb, Rezi must turn to the other denizens trapped with her, including the misshapen priests of the Cults of the Condor and the Winged Serpent. But, can there be any trust between those below? Well placed twists and turns to this adventure will have you practically jumping out of your seat cheering Rezi on! Spring/Summer 2019 this book will also be available as a large-print edition and also on Barnes and Noble website. If any business would like to be involved in branding this book as a movie, music or other means, please go to the Publisher's website at: https://www.storiesforpublication.com/. This is Book 1 in the series of three.

Regular Print on amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1092200495/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=those+deep+below+noyes&qid=1554138683&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spell

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q85TV7B/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=those+deep+below+noyes&qid=1554247785&s=books&sr=1-2-spell

How to Live With A Hoarder

Susan L. Harrington

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This is the third hoarding book by hoarder and hoarding expert Susan L. Harrington.  To see the other hoarding books, please go to Hoarding section on this website.

Do you live with a hoarder? You may never understand your hoarder. That's okay. I don't know how a car runs, but I still drive a car.How you talk to your hoarder, your tone of voice, and your actions can actually send your loved one, who just happens to be a hoarder, into a hoarding-buying shopping spree. If that's ever happened to you, stop! Say nothing more about your loved one's hoarding until you read this book!I'm blunt. If you have a thin skin, don't bother to read this book. But, if you really, really, really want to help your hoarder gain back control of your life, then read this book!

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